Address:Svecina 15a, 2201, Zgornja KungotaGPS:Phone: +386 41346895Website: Bogomir VALDHUBER // 041/346-895Chef: Dijana ValdhuberOpening hours: by reservation

We ate with a group of the local Svecina wine makers, which made this a special meal. 

Mrs Valdhuber did the cooking, assisted by her daughter, Eva. This was a wonderful experience of excellent quality authentic home-cooked food. 

Meals by reservation, mainly on the weekends.

dish of radicchio with poached egg

Poached egg, radicchio, potato cream

Deep red and cream and yellow, a nice contrast of crisp and soft

Bowl of buckwheat soup

Buckwheat soup with mushroom ravioli.

Tastes like an earthy porridge. Special old family recipe!

Dish of vegetables wrapped in beef

Beef wrapped around rice and vegetables with a lovely creamy brown wine sauce

dish of pork with cottage cheese roulade

Pork stuffed with cheese and tomato, celeriac puree, cottage cheese roulade

Vegan entree of rice and vegetables wrapped in spinach leaves, served with celeriac puree