Marof sign and building
MarofRegion: Podravje PREKMURJE 
Address: Panvita Marof d.o.o., Mačkovci 35, Si-9202 MačkovciPhone: +386 (0)2 55 61 810Website: Uroš VALCL // 031/467-143, info@marof.euOwner: Stanki PolanicWinemaker: Uros ValclRegional or single vineyard: bothHectares grown: 30 ha, organic and biodynamic 

The basis of the winery and vineyards centers around an old Hungarian hunting lodge and estate built in 1905. Then in 2009 the owners built a strikingly light and airy new winery with bold use of glass that draws the landscape into the tasting room. 

Marof’s local Prekmurje region stands apart from other Slovenian regions in being nearer to Hungary and strongly influenced by the Pannonian Plains hotter summer weather. Generally the wines carry a degree or more of alcohol than Alpine driven regions directly to the east. Marof draw fruit from three vineyards on a variety of soil types located between 300-350 metres. The coolest site is Kramarovci (7 ha) which usually harvests two weeks after Bondonci (8 ha) and Mackovci (15 ha).

The winery’s vineyards are not only organic, but also intensively farmed under biodynamic principles. Stylistically the wines are radically different from the cooler climate, finer, higher acid styles to the east. Both red and white grapes are big and bold, full bodied, driven by ultra-ripe fruit with relatively high in alcohol.

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Marof tasting room

Spectacular tasting room

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Spooky old manor house

Old Hunting Lodge