Vino Gross Wines

Vino Gross Haloze blanc (Furmint, Sauvignon,Laski Riesling) 2017 Opens with lanolin-wet wool aromas, but this blows off into florals and mineral aromas. Wine was a bit closed and not showing its best I suspect. Direct, easy drinking style. 14.5/20

Vino Gross Haloze blanc (Furmint, Sauvignon,Laski Riesling) 2018 Offers lovely grapey aromas and flavors in a rounded, foursquare texture. An easy drinking fruit style. 15/20

Vino Gross Gorca Fermint 2017 Grapes from 3 vineyards and matured for a year in 2800lt barrels. Fresh green herbal aromas with touch of spice. A nicely harmonized wine. Full bodied, fleshy, creamy smooth with a lovely, crisp, lively peachy acidity. 16.5/20

Vino Gross Gorca Sipon (Furmint) 2018 12.5% Grapes from 3 vineyards and matured for a year in 2800lt barrels. Offers up a mix of fruit and mineral aromas. Again, nicely harmonized. Full bodied with citrus/lime flavors delivered through a lovely crisply tart acidity. 16.5/20

Vino Gross Iglic Furmint 2016 13 % Iglic is a steep higher elevation vineyard higher that is picked two weeks after village wine grapes. Matured for 1.5 years in 2800lt barrels. Opens with green herbal aromas and added touch of spicy grape notes. Full bodied, creamy, continuous in the mouth with condensed lemony fruit, ending in a long, tapered finish.  An elegant wine with pitch perfect balance and harmony. 18/20 

Vino Gross Colles Sauvignon Blanc 2017 13.5% This wine has an amazingly complex aromatic profile. Infused with subtle green fruit/green veggie herbal and aged yeast aromas. But the prevailing, and most enticing, aroma is of struck flint. Full bodied, dense, slick and continuous, textures are infused with lovely gentle, ever so subtle, ripe lemon/gooseberry flavors that well up after swallowing. It finishes with a long, long tapered tail. Elegant… linear…this is classic Sauvignon at its purest and most refined best. 19.5/20 

Vino Gross Sparkling Furmint 2013 This is mix of fruit from different village aged in big barrels on lees for five years with no Sulphur. Frothy bubbles that settle into a fine mousse.  lifted toasty autolytic, brioche aromas. Full and creamy on entry, persistent flavors wash away through a lovely lemony acidity. 17/20 

Vino Gross Korsa Sauvignon Blanc 2018 A barrel sample of new top flight, single vineyard Sauvignon (pronounced cor-shee). Bright yellow. Aromas open with ultra-subtle minerally pure aromas, with just a hint of dried/fresh herb notes in background. Creamy smooth, ripe and pleasingly tart fruits and firm acidity. Ends with a long tapered meltaway finish. Should be a great wine when bottled. 19/20              

Vino Gross Renski (Rhine) Rizling 2018 This is from a 40 year old vineyard in Svecina at 400 meters with chalky soils. Macerated on its skins for 17 hours, this wine shows lovely spicy, floral aromas, with hints of vanilla bean and blossoms. Smooth and continuous in the mouth, its packed with condensed, highly persistent fruit. A very pure, dry Riesling showing its best. 17/20  

Vino Gross Traminec 2017 This is like no other Gewurztraminer I’ve tasted before. Uniquely made fermenting with whole berry ‘carbonic maceration’ for 2 months. This is essentially a form of ultra-long skin contact, but from the inside out. Hence its amber color and dried orange with clove aromas, with an underlying stream of more typical gewurzt  aromas and flavors (lychee/ginger). Finely viscous in the mouth, with structure driven by Long fine grained tannins rather than acidity. A uniquely interesting style. 16/20  

Vino Gross non-alcoholic Sauvignon Blanc grape juice

This Sauvignon is picked early, then pasteurized in each bottle to retain its fresh lively fruitiness. Very freshly fruited, fleshy, with beautifully balanced acidity, that counterbalances relatively higher level of residual sugar found in most natural juices. Ultimately the juice tastes much dryer than it technically is. Juice made for adults who like wine.  

Vino Gross non-alcoholic Sauvignon Blanc grape juice This captures the wilder side of muscat grape juice with spicy basil, elderflower aromatics. In the mouth it is slick, continuous and quite refined. Amazing juice!