Gostilna Grič

Address: Škalce 83, 3210 Slovenske Konjice, SlovenijaGPS:Phone: +386 3 758 03 61, M: +386 40 46 91 16Website: http://www.gostilna-gric.siChef: Andrej SmogavcOpening hours: Contact: Andrej SMOGAVC 040/469-116, info@gostilna-gric.si

Part of the Gric estate that includes a modernistic winery, extensive vineyards, a small golf course, and an old house on the hill providing attractive rooms, is this traditional farm house housing an excellent restaurant.

Dishes use authentic local ingredients such as trout, eel, venison and honey, and combine modern styling with traditional cuisine.

The contrasts of soft and crisp, creamy and sour, are particularly memorable.

dish of trout carpaccio with beet sashimi

Sorrel cream, rice chip, red and yellow beet sashimi, trout carpaccio, nutty bits

dish of ell ravioli with lemon cream

Ravioli eel fish in lemon cream, very good, nice contrast between oily eel, ravioli and sharpness of the lemon

bowl of pea cream soup

Pea cream with mushrooms

dish of venison with celeriac

Venison fillet, 3 day veal sauce, celeriac puree, fried celeriac shreds, an intense blob of red fruit.

Absolutely delicious; fantastic balance and contrast

dish of honey icecream with honeycomb

Honey icecream, honeycomb, white choc foam, explodes in your mouth; very good