Vino - Turizem  Valdhuber Wines

Valdhuber Sauvignon Blanc 2019 12.5% Freshly bottled and full of pure, fresh fruits (gooseberry, green apple), aloe vera/flower stem notes and spearmint aromas, matched by similar flavors. The wine is highly concentrated with luscious textures, ending in a long juicy, succulent, mouthwatering finish.  18/20  

Valdhuber Sauvignon Blanc 2018 12.5% I’ve had this wine three times now and aromas suffer from sulphide reduction. Gunpowder, struck flint, meaty, smoky salami, reductive characters dominate any potential fruit characters lurking inside the wine at this point. Apart from that, the texture is wonderful, velvety on entry with a slick exit through a long, meltaway finish. Obviously densely concentrated with great acid balance, the wine’s fruit pleads for a little oxygen to show its true potential. 17/20 as it, probably 18.5 when aired for an hour or two.  

Valdhuber Sauvignon Blanc 2017 13.5% A refined aromatic mixture of boxwood leaves, fresh pea and dried herb aromas. Creamy smooth in the mouth with impeccably underplayed acid balance and a long meltaway finish. 18.5/20

Valdhuber Sauvignon Blanc 2013 13% A matured Sauvignon style, still fruity and well rounded with a touch of super ripe pineapple on finish. 15.5/20 

Valdhuber Laski Riesling 2018 11.5% Pure grapey aromas and flavors with balanced acidity. Dry. 15/20

Valdhuber Beli Pinot Blanc 2018 13% Pronounced spicy pear aromas push this closer to Pinot Gris characters than typical Pinot Blanc. Finely viscous in the mouth with well balanced acidity. Substantially more here than your average Pinot Bianco style 17/20 

Valdhuber Moje Vion (means my wine) Pinot Blanc 2018 14% Neutral mineral aromas with a touch of spirits for lift. Full bodied, slick and finely oiled with a long meltaway finish. 18.5/20 

Valdhuber Renski (Rhein) Riesling 2018 12% Grapes come from 30 year old vines. Subtle spicy, brightly lit Riesling aromas. A finely condensed, linear texture adds perfectly balanced acidity, creating a very long, mouthwateringly juicy, pure fruited, dry finish. 19/20 

Valdhuber Pinot Gris 2018 13% Leads with savory, minerally Pinot Gris aromas, carries on with a firm texture and ample acidity. 16.5/20 

Valdhuber Muscat 2018 This is a dry, broadly floral Muscat. It has an Alsatian-like breadth in the mouth: full bodied, with an oily texture and long, clean, viscous finish. Quite an elegant wine. 17/20 

Valdhuber Chardonnay 2018 Quite spicy and honeyed aromas and flavors in this wine; sweet and steely at same time. I found this an odd style to my tastes, but it has gained an enthusiastic local audience. Previously Valdhuber made bone dry chardonnay which no one wanted. And so he purposefully added 10 grams of sugar and it sells out. Give the people what they want. 15/20

Valdhuber Pinot Noir 2018 12% This spicy Pinot Noir is aged in 300 litre barrels resulting in silky textures and sweetly ripe, up front, brightly lit red fruits characters. 16/20