Casa de Mouraz

Sara Dionísio and António Lopes Ribeiro
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Husband and wife team, Sara Dionísio and António Lopes Ribeiro, are one of Portugal’s greatest proponents of organic (and more recently, biodynamic) wine production. With 98% of their wines exported and their wines listed in one of the world’s greatest restaurants, Copenhagen’s Norma, they are the essence of what Portugal’s tiny, traditionally focused, family run wineries are capable of achieving.

Making wine in their tiny winery, adjacent to the local village church and just a stone's throw away from the house Antonio was born in, they have deep generational ties to their village, Mouraz, and its terroir. Antonio has uncovered documentation that records Portugal's first kings as having ordering wine produced in Mouraz and recently the two have acquired land where these vineyards once existed.

Beyond their usual sources of fruit, Mouraz have sought out old vineyards of mixed varieties within Dao and payed growers well above going rates to ensure these old vineyards remain economically viable. They also have encouraged organic producers in other regions and have fleshed out their portfolio with non-Dao wines specifically to this end, bottled under their AIR label.

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Antonio Ribeira with Old Vines

Antonio with old vines 

Mouraz home vineyard

Home vineyards

Antonio and Sara in the tank room