Quinta do Mondego

Mondego Vineyard
Munda and Quinta do MondegoFontes Da Cunha C.E.G., S.A.Estrada do Mondego.Caldas da Felgueira 3520 NelasPh: 00 351 22 6173525Email:  quintadomondego@iol.ptWeb: http://quintadomondego.com

Quinta do Mondego/Munda sits in a beautiful setting, with terraced hills rising up from the floor of the Mondego River Valley. The quinta’s former name was Rosados, which was recently rebranded as Munda, the old Roman name for the Mondego river meaning clear, limpid water. The current venture is a union between the vineyard’s owners and Douro winemaking/marketing know how with Douro Boy, Francisco Olazabal (winemaker for Quinta do Vale Meão and Quinta do Vallado).  

Munda’s original (50 year old) vineyard skirts alongside the Mondego River’s edge. This was revitalized in 1996 and supplies a solid core of Touriga to the quinta’s wines. Considerably newer, larger vineyards are planted above at 350-500 mtres. The micro-climate there can reach as highs up to 40º C during the day and 10º C. at night. These huge diurnal temperature shifts help account for the mix of powerful fruit characters and supportive natural acidity.  

Residual Rosados wines are currently being sold through. These sit alongside Mundo’s second label, Quinta da Mondego, and top tier, Mundo branded wines. Some of the wines below are a little too oak dominated for me at this point, but hopefully more Dao-driven characters will eventually emerge over time.

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Sheep in the vineyard

Serra Estrella sheep in the vineyard

Vineyard recovering from fire

Regrowth after fire

Sierra Estrella Sheep Dog

Sheep dog