Vino Falot Wines

Falot Novi 2019 11.5% This is Falot’s version of and everyday ‘peoples’ wine sold in 1 litre bottles at 2-3 eu per and often mixed with mineral water. His blend is based on Laski Riesling, with small portions of other grapes according to what he feels works best. He avoids Sauvignon and Traminer as these add too much or their own character.  Falot’s blend is nicely balanced, slightly floral and fruity on nose and in the mouth with a very fine continuous texture and balancing acidity. A bargain price for this quality of wine.  15/20

Falot Laski Riesling 2018 Easy drinking quaffer: spicy and juicy with grapey flavors. 15/20

Falot Pinot Gris 2016 13% Made with a couple of hours of skin the wine offers relatively neutral aromas and flavors, with the slightest green stem notes. It’s really more about texture, oily, but balancing that with a fine skin tannins and acidity. Mineral and nicely elegant.  15.5/20

Falot Muscat 2019 Lots of spicy Muscat grape aromas and a slick, rounded texture refreshing acidity driving flavors throughout finish 16.5/20

Falot Sauvignon Blanc 2018 12.5% A subtle, understated, somewhat shy Sauvignon style that grows in the glass with airing. Initially green pea shoots/fresh green bean aromas, with emerging gooseberry fruit behind a degree of minerality. Very fine texture initially, but this fleshes out with airing adding an element of oiliness. Shockingly, this wine didn’t complete fermentation due to super ripe grapes and retains 10 grams of residual sugar. In reality it is perceptively much dryer given superbly balanced, elevated acidity countering this. Surprisingly pure and relatively elegant. 17/20