Quinta de Lemos Wines

Quinta de Lemos Dona Santana 2015 14% Donna Santana is Lemos's more traditional Dao blend vs Georgina's predominant Touriga plus Roriz style. To my tastes it shows a more balanced complexity with 60% Touriga Nacional, 20% Tinta Roriz, 10% Jaen and 10% Alfrocheiro. It opens with lovely rich red fruit aromas and high toned florals and follows with tons of brightly lit, juicy red fruit flavors that are well distributed throughout the wines length. A highly polished, modern on Dao, my only quibble is its French oak influence was still quite omni-present in 2018. No doubt it’s starting to show more of its ‘Daoness’ now after a couple of more years of bottle development. 18/20  Tasted 7.2018

Quinta de Lemos Dona Santana 2008 14.5% This 2nd level traditional Dao blend of 60% Touriga Nacional, 20% Tinta Roriz, 10% Jaen and 10% Alfrocheiro is broadly floral with fresh fruit flavors. I liked its tightly knit, linear style, held up with long, fine grained tannins. Sells locally for 23eu. Tasted 10.2012

Quinta de Lemos Dona Georgina 2008 14.5% This reserve blend of Touriga Nacional 80% and 20% Roriz is creamy smooth, front to finish. Brimming with black fruit and violet aromas and fresh juicy black fruit and spicy violet flavors. Freshly fruited throughout, clean as a whistle, tightly constructed and as soave as they come. About 45eu Tasted 10.2012 

Quinta de Lemos 2005 14.5% This matured blend of 80% Touriga Nacional and 20% Roriz offers cherry cola and floral aromatics, velvety textures infused with with dried cherry flavors and supportive acidity. Drinking beautifully now, with great length and finesse, it still has many years ahead of it. Tasted 10.2012

Quinta de Lemos 2007 14%, This is a blend of 60% Touriga Nacional, 20% Tinta Roriz, 10% Jaen and 10% Alfrocheiro. Aromas are a mix of smokey, toasted oak derived notes and red fruits. Textures are smooth and polished with nice mix of fruit running through and that’s well structured. Tasted 10.2012 Sells locally for 23eu.

Quinta de Lemos  2007 14.5% Like their reserve level ‘Georgina’ this has a higher Touriga Nacional content (80%), with 20% Roriz in support. Offering a complete, well integrated mix of black fruit and mineral aromas and lovely fruit flavors. This is a firmly tannins, linear style with fruit concentration running throughout. Athought more accessible than Georgina now, it needs much more time in bottle and will reward with further cellaring—highly recommended. Sells locally for 40eu.  Tasted 10.2012 

Quinta de Lemos Alfrocheiro 2008 14.5% Aromatically charged with spirity, mineral, berry-cherry fruits, this wine is very tightly constructed, with savoury black cherry flavors and touch of juiciness and vanilla warmth on the finish. A modernist approach to Dao style. Tasted 10.2012

Quinta de Lemos Jaen 2007 14.5% Leading with licorice and dried black fruit aromas, it is smooth, slick and seamless in the mouth, with great fruit concentration, length and balance. An excellent example of Jaen, highly recommended Tasted 10.2012

Quinta de Lemos Jaen 2008 14.5% Opens with a creamy smooth nose, with vanilla warmth and dried red fruits in background. It offers a tantilizing juiciness and firm, powdery tannins in the mouth. True to variety. Tasted 10.2012

Quinta de Lemos Roriz 2008 Spicy, raspberry aromas and flavors play through a full bodied wine, with grippytannins. One of the more exciting, more complete pure Roriz bottlings I tasted in Dao from this vintage. Tasted 10.2012

Quinta de Lemos Tinta Roriz 2006 14.5% This wine offers well rounded, savoury raspberry and mocca oak derived aromas and flavors, underpinned by firm tannins and acidity. I found oak tannins and aromas a touch too strong and intrusive. Tasted 10.2012Quinta de LemosTouriga Nacional 2007 14.5% Although older, this offers a fresher, fruitier black fruit expression than in 2008. Rounder, softer and juicer in the mouth as well, it is a bigger wine, with more structure. Sells locally for 23eu Tasted 10.2012

Quinta de Lemos Touriga Nacional 2008 14.5% This is a subtle, purposefully restrained, elegantly perfumed Touriga highlighting varietal characters of black fruit and violets. Concentrated and condensed in the mouth with bright black fruit/black cherry flavors and firm, but fine tannins. It has a very long, elegant finish. Tasted 10.2012