Vinogradi Horvat

Vinogradi Horvat NYNA 2016 This Chardonnay-based, ‘method champenoise’ sparkling wine is only made in optimal years (2014 previous) is kept on lees for 1-2 years and grown from 50 year old vines. Current vintage offers interesting autolytic malty aromas and lively, frothy mousse,  16/20

Vinogradi Horvat Yellow Muscat 2018 12.5% This is dry, crisp Muscat style with spicy, floral, rose petal aromas and generous fruit, enlivened with a light crisp acidity. A lovely summer wine.  15.5/20

Vinogradi Horvat Laski Riesling 2018 13% Previously Laski was reserved for ice wine, however climate warming hasn’t allowed this since 2005 so it is now produced in a dry version. Creamy texture, slick, juicy, clean, 15/20  

Vinogradi Horvat Chardonnay 2018 13% Horvat make a very fine unoaked Chardonnay style. Leading with brightly lit, squeaky clean mineral aromas, it carries on creamy, smooth in the mouth with a slick continuous texture. All that nicely cut through with well balanced acidity. Chardonnay that is clean, pure, understated and elegant.  17/20 

Vinogradi Horvat Sauvignon Blanc 2018 13% Leads with lovely dried herb and salad green aromas. Rounded, fleshy in the mouth, with Granny Smith apple & gooseberry flavors. Finishes with gentle acidity. A nicely balanced wine all around.  16/20 

Vinogradi Horvat Sauvignon 2008 13.5% Rounded complex, well integrated mature Sauvignon aromas and flavors. Oily and dense on the palate, that carries a slight astringency through finish. 16.5/20  

Vinogradi Horvat Sauvignon 2018 12% A semi-sweet Sauvignon style with 35gms sugar.  Ultra-clean and fruity on the nose, with no evidence of honeyed botrytis characters at all. Fruity and full bodied in the mouth with a fine syrup-like texture, but nicely cut through with acidity. Obviously sweet, but not cloying. 16/20

Vinogradi Horvat Laski Riesling 2007 14% Originally intended as ice wine, but changed their mind and harvested as raisins in late November. No unclean botrytis influence, very pure and clean fruited (dates/figs/with old Madeira-like ranico characters developing). Plushly textured and not overly sweet with 20 grams RS, kept in check with thoughtfully balanced acidity acidity. This wine has an interesting history as it was accidentally forgotten about and when rediscovered it clearly come around in time as something unique unto itself. 16.5/20

Vinogradi Horvat Laski Riesling Ice wine 2005 11% This January harvested, ice wine offers up ultra-plush, deeply viscous textures, all of which are washed away with clean, vibrant acidity. A complex mixture of treacle/fig/date and stonefruit aromas and flavors, it is beautifully balanced and interesting on many levels. 18.5/20