Restavracija Kodila

Address: Kodila d.o.o., Markišavci 44, 9000 Murska SobotaGPS:Phone: +386 2 522 36 00Website: http://www.kodila.siChef: DanielOpening hours: Mon-Sat until 8:00-20:00Contact: Janez and Irena KODILA 02/522-36-08,

Special restaurant devoted to traditional methods of smoking and ageing pork products, with a  MEET MEAT EAT theme. Built over and within a ham/sausage smoking factory dedicated to slow, hand processed hams and sausages, using a variety of local, pork species, raised both free range, organic. Slow smoked, dry salted and low temperature baked hams. Aged between 1 and 3 years according to meat type and desired end result. 

The restaurant focuses on local traditional dishes and ingredients (grown on adjacent garden) elevated with a mix of slow food and creative modern interpretations. In summer dining is on a grass roof with external BBQ. An important project with low carbon footprint offering an authentic regional food experience.

Owner Janez Kodila with hams

Owner Janez Kodila

Curing room of Hams


Two of the Kodila chefs


Dish of beef tartare on toasted buckwheat bread

Beef tartare

dishes with many types of Slovenian ham and lardo

Ham three ways and lardo eggs

Platter of crisp slices of black pudding

Black pudding, crisp and crunchy

dish of pork ribs with turnip puree

Pig ribs, turnip puree, buckwheat

Dish of pork ribs with potato cake

Pig livers, potato cake, chimichurri, caramelised onions

Dish of spiced meat tortellini with pepper cream sauce

Tortellini stuffed with spiced meat, pepper cream sauce; splendid tortellini, nice sauce

Dish of Beef cheek with sweet potato puree

Beef cheek, sweet potato puree, Brussels sprouts, silver beet, jus.

platter of pieces of gibanica cake and apple strudel

Prekmurska gibanica, apple strudel.

Gibanica is a traditional Slovenia cake with layers of poppy seed, walnuts, apple and honey