Vino Kaloh Wines

Kaloh Sauvignon 2017 13 % Organically grown, this stainless steel produced, bone dry wine is very tightly bound up initially and needs a good decanting to show its best. Leading with relatively neutral, mineral/flint aromas with hints of cut grass and fresh pea shoots, these becomes fruitier with airing. Eventually the nose develops a lovely poise and even a degree of delicacy. Similarly, the palate is tight and austere on opening, dagger like, with a searing acidity. Given an hour to breath, textures flesh out offering sweetly ripe fruit and ample mouthfeel to balance against the acidic backbone. Nice length of flavor. 17/20

Kaloh Sauvignon (late harvest, semi-sweet) 2007 12% With 35 grams of residual sugar, this nicely fruited wine has ample acidity to balance sweetness without being cloying. It offers up clean cut grass and currant-like aromas and relatively persistent flavors. 16.5/20

Kaloh Sauvignon (late harvest, sweet) 2015 10.5 % Organically grown this differs from 2007 in being a less focused and fruit driven, with compost, wet hay aromas and a full bodied rounder wine with nice acidity to fruit. 15/20

Kaloh Sauvignon Selection 2015 11.5% Organically grown this wine is harvested 2-3 weeks after late harvest and carries 62 grams of residual sugar with a degree of elegance. Toasty, honeyed notes alongside Sauvignon’s varietal boxwood/gooseberry flavors and aromas. Offers plush, polished, well integrated textures balanced with lovely acidity to fruit to sweetness. Great varietal aromas and flavors. 18.5/20 

Kaloh Sauvignon Dry Berry Selection 2006 9.6% 200 grams of residual sugar. Brimming with spicy, honeyed, apricot and peach characters and succulent juicy fruits that well up in the mouth long after swallowing. Elegantly style and amazingly light and delicate for such sweet wine! Long, long tapered finish. A perfect wine 20/20

Kaloh Sauvignon Dry Berry Selection 1998 11% Honeyed toasty shaded Sauvignon characters infuse a plush, well balanced texture. Still very lively and young for its age with a long, lovely succulent finish. 18/20

Kaloh Sauvignon Dry Berry Selection 2000 11.5% Sadly, this wine was spoiled by a slight touch of TCA from a bad cork so unable to judge it clearly. Regardless of faultiness, it offered interesting treacle aromas, and was plush, light on its feet  210 grams of residual sugar. TCA spoiled what should have been a long, tapered finish.

Kaloh Sauvignon Ice Wine 1999 9.6% Harvested in -18 degree weather at 2am on a February night in 1999, each grape was frozen solid and pressed outside to preserve the separation of water from pure juice. Dark raisin colored. Offers a kaleidoscope of complex treacle and dried apricot fruit flavors characters. Ultra-pure, plush, lovely succulence and an utter delight to hold in one’s mouth with gentle acidity to balance. 20/20