COB (Cooking outside the Box)

Address: Letoviška 1, 6320 Portorož, SlovenijaPhone: +386 41 88 66 33Website: info@cob.siChef: Filip MatjažOpening hours: Thur-Sun 12:00-24:00

In Portoroz on the Mediterranean coast, this unusual, very modern restaurant will provide you with a theatrical experience of a meal. The setting is gorgeous, embellished with art and obets, and the dishes match in their artistry.

The charcuterie was shaped like a flower and served on a miniature garden trowel. The entree recreated the river floor, with black gnocchi and green fluff. The fish main course was served with a whole truffle that you first had to dig out of soil made from bread crumbs. And the dessert resembled a snow-capped volcano.


trowel holding chard and prosciutto

Puree potato and chard, fried chard, fried prosciutto

Beautiful presentation, nice contrast crisp and soft

dish of black gnocchi with green egg fluff and parmesan foam

Squid ink gnocchi stuffed with creamy tomato, parmesan froth, green egg fluff, light brown broth, micro greens.

A recreation of the river floor. Beautiful!

dish recreating search for a truffle

Find the buried truffle

dish of monkfish, potato puree and truffles

Monkfish on potato puree, fishhead and truffle sauce, whole truffle grated over.

Stunning ensemble!

dish of black and white chocolate pyramid with pomegranate sugar dust

Pyramid of black chocolate and white chocolate, with chocolate mousse inside, pomegranate sugar dust.