M-Vina Wines

M-Vina White Label Sauvignon Blanc 2019 An unfinished barrel sample of what will be 35% of final blend. Currently quite reduced characters with strong Flinty, match stick aromas.  nice slick fine texture, oily. will be good blending component

M-Vina Sauvignon Blanc 2018 12.5% Štarjerska-Maribor Organic Aromas are quite closed at moment, neutral mineral characters with hints of green notes in background. Quite Bordeaux like aromatics. In the mouth is full bodied and densely concentrated with sweetly ripe, juicy, persistent fruit. 16.5/20

M-Vina Sauvignon Blanc 2017 Štarjerska-Maribor Organic  more aromatic than 2018 with lovely dried herb aromas. Very dense in the mouth with juicy lime-like flavors. Long finishing, dense and complexity from a blend of multiple picks throughout harvest. 17/20

M-Vina Sauvignon Blanc 2017 12.5% Štarjerska-Maribor Organic Showed lovely herbal, subtle tomato plant leaf and grapefruit aromas… could be Loire, could be Kiwi-esque? Rounded, full bodied, concentrated and continuous, with juicy gooseberry/grapefruit flavors throughout finish. Pert acidity. Nice length. A second bottle tasted separately away from the winery initially showed some negative reductive screw cap, match stick, gun powder aromas and bitterness. With airing it loses that and any herbal notes, gaining a lot in tropical fruits: feijoa pineapple, grapefruit. Also develops pleasing textural slickness with sweetly ripe tropicals on finish. 17/20

M-Vina Sauvignon Blanc 2016 Štarjerska-Maribor Organic Darker more peppery fruited than 2017 with hints of capsicums and green bean/pea tinned notes. Sweetly ripe fruit hangs on tongue for a bit. 15.5/20  

M-Vina Sauvignon Blanc 2015 Štarjerska-Maribor Organic  Five years on this shows mature, ripe green bean and pea notes, gooseberry. Overall, I liked its beautifully maturing aromas, well integrated, balanced texture and long, fine finish. 17/20

M-Vina Sauvignon Blanc 2013 13.5% Štarjerska-Maribor Organic From a hot year like 2015.  Sweet honeyed aromas, rounded and dense with interesting, complex, multi-layered texture. Can feel some fine tannic structure from longer skin maceration. 16.5/20

M-Vina Sauvignon Blanc 2012 Štarjerska-Maribor Organic  From their garagista days drawing fruit from Tjasa’s sister nearby vineyard. Smoky canned green bean aromas, but in good way. Really nice concentration, slick with fine viscosity and long. Super firm, but well balanced acidity suggests this will last a long time. Quite beautiful texture.  18/20

M-Vina Xtreme Sauvignon Blanc 2018 Štarjerska-Maribor Organic An unfinished barrel sample. Toasty barrel aromas dominate fruit. Very tightly wound on palate with sweetly ripe fruit and long finish and fine acidity. Quite closed at moment, but potentially good. After ½ hour of airing aromas changed considerably developing more spice and mineral notes: spearmint, apple fruits.

M-Vina Xtreme Sauvignon Blanc 2017 13.5% Condensed, tightly knit aromas, hints of green fruit, pears and fresh pea/bean shoots. Finely viscous, seamless, juicy through a Very long finish. Sweetly ripe fruit and little leafy characters. Quite minerally as well.   18.5/20

M-Vina Xtreme Sauvignon Blanc 2016 12.5% Štarjerska-Maribor Organic Green herbal aromas are more pronounced, alongside tinned beans characters. Highly concentrated fruits in mouth with a slick, ultra fine texture. Long, focused and quite minerally driven. 18/20

M-Vina Xtreme Sauvignon Blanc 2015 14.5% Štarjerska-Maribor Organic From a hot year. Interesting mix of exotic aromas: tea, treacle-marmalade and baked apples, integrated texture. Unexpectedly, high aldohol and residual sugars don’t show overtly. Acidity keeps it all in check.  Amazingly balanced wine Sold out quick. 16.5/20     

M-Vina Xtreme Sauvignon Blanc 2014 12.% Štarjerska-Maribor Organic From a cold, wet difficult year where 25% production was thrown away due to botrytis. But the winemakers favorite in end. Leads with subtle, interesting pea shoot, dill and white pepper aromas. Rounded and sweetly fruited with delicate dill characters and racy acidity.

A fine, linear, bone dry  of Sauvignon 19/20

M-Vina Chardonnay 2017 13.5 Štarjerska-Maribor Organic  Taken from barrel. Treacle and raisin, super ripe style of chardonnay. Surprisingly tightly knit in the mouth with high acidity. 15.5/20

M-Vina Chardonnay 2016 13.5% Štarjerska-Maribor Organic  Typically toasted nutty, barrel driven notes. Slick, continuous and finely viscous in the mouth. Minerally. 16/20

M-Vina Chardonnay 2015 14% Štarjerska-Maribor Organic  Scalded milk and raisin aromas and juicy fruits, follow through in tight linear style with high acidity. 15.5/20

M-Vina Three 2015 Štarjerska-Maribor Organic Named for their 3 children this is a traditional cuvee blended with Chardonnay/Laski/Sauvignon, gathering texture of former two and acidity of latter. Treated to 3 years in barrel it offers floral aromas, fleshy texture with balancing acidity. 15/20

M-Vina Black Label Pinot Gris 2017 15% Štarjerska-Maribor Organic Displays Pinot Gris’s typical tendency toward mineral, neutrality, but with a good whiff of high alcohol. girth. Condensed with a slick texture, super acidity keeps heavy glycerin content in check. This is a big, racy style of Pinot Grigio. 17/20