Jareninski Dvor (Dveri Pax)

Dveri pax emblem
Address: Polički vrh 1, 2221 Jarenina, SloveniaLocated 16 km. north of Maribor/ 13 km. SE of SvečinaGPS: N 46°38´45.3˝, E 15°41´39.32˝Website: https://www.dveri-pax.com/en/Chef: Gregor ŠagiOpening hours: Thur, Fri 18:00-20:30, Sat, Sun: 12:00-14:30Contact: M: +386 31 789 100, T: +386 2 644 00 82, office@dveri-pax.com

Highly sophisticated cuisine befitting the gracious surroundings within the old Dveri Pax monastery. Chef Gregor Sagi likes to use local produce, enhanced with unusual flavours and ingredients from the estate.

The Sander lake fish with buckwheat noodles in a horseradish cream broth was one of the best dishes I've eaten in Slovenia: savoury, delicate, authentic, and delicious.

platter with selection of Slovenian appetisers

King oyster mushrooms, lardo, popcorn, onion sauce on a spoon; salty, smooth crunchy

Marinated trout, beet, horseradish: lovely balance

dish of beef tongue and goat terrine

Beef tongue, goat terrine, apple balsamic; tongue slivers with gentle flavour

platter of smoked eel with caviar

Smoked eel, caviar, horse radish: nice contrast of the pop of the caviar and the saltiness of the eel and umami

wafers with chicken liver parfait and puffed wheat

Chicken liver parfait, puffed wheat

dish of wild honey icecream

Wild honey icecream on straw; sweet/ cool

dish of beef and goats milk whey icecream

Marinated beef, goat milk whey ice cream, sesame crisps

dish of sander lake fish with buckwheat noodles

Sander lake fish, buckwheat noodles, horseradish cream broth.

This was one of the best dishes I've eaten in Slovenia: savoury, delicate, authentic, and delicious.

dish of venison with jerusalem artichoke puree

Venison fillet, jerusalem artichoke puree, purple carrot, onion tartlet, mushroom, jus

Contrast of flavours and textures: rich and delicious

Creme brulee, indigo dumpling, camembert blancmange, pear cubes.

 Exciting dessert featuring a recreation of river stone