Barao de Nelas

Barao de Nelas large lagars
Barao de Nelas
ph +351 962 401 942email: baraodenelas@gmail.com
Winemaker: António Narciso 

Formerly known as Quinta do Serrado, this winery rebranded itself to avoid confusion with the various other Serrados/Cerrados labels out there. The  winery contains not only one of oldest, but one of the most impressive, gravity fed, lagar systems (rectangular granite walled fermenters where grapes are trod) in Dao. Although the larger vessels have been retired now, one of the smaller lagars is still in use and is integral to the production of one of Barao de Nelas’s best wines. It is fitting that Barao de Nelas’s winemaker is Antonio Narcisco, given his passion for lagar made wines.

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