Salon Sauvignon

Salon Sauvignon is Europe’s hottest wine festival was held on the weekend of 26-27 June, 2020. So now you'll have to catch it in its seventh year. This consumer focused event has created a considerable buzz among a youthful audience eager to follow the most recent Sauvignon stylistic trends – Sauvignon is sexy stuff in Slovenia. And the rest of world is bound to catch on to this fast.  Great Sauvignon will always rise to the surface.

Celebrating Slovenian Sauvignon Blanc’s ‘Coming of age’, over 60 producers poured their wines inside the cloisters of Ptuj’s stunningly beautiful 13thC Dominican Monastery. The inner courtyard was filled with top local chefs offering innovative takes on traditional dishes for very reasonable prices. Info at or

Paul White talking in front of projector

Paul White presenting

Two men and two women dressed in ceremonial garb,clinking wine glasses

Honourables carousing

member of the public tasting wine in the grand hall