Vinarstvo  Gaube Wines

Gaube Sparkling Chardonnay 12.5% Kept for 30 months on lees this traditional method sparkling wine is a classical austere approach to bubbly chardonnay: apple-citrus fruits with a touch of minerality, fresh, clean, crisply acidic, finely moussed and bone dry. 17/20 

Gaube Laski Riesling 2019 12% Quite aromatic with floral/marshmallow-like aromas. Fine, clean and continuous in the mouth with good acid balance. An impressive version of this utilitarian grape demonstrating it is capable of greater things. 16/20

Gaube Laski Riesling 2018 Easy drinking fruity, slightly herbal style, meant for summer quaffing. Medium bodied and semi dry. 15/20 

Gaube Zeleni Silvanec 2019 12% A quite good example of Silvaner with spicy, minty, pear aromas and flavors in a medium bodied crisply finishing wine. Gaube’s most popular wine, designed to be useful with food: fish, pasta, chicken, entrees, soups…and prized for its freshness. 15.5/20 

Gaube Sylvaner 2018 This vintage produced a fruitier, slightly more grassy style. Fuller bodied and dryish with fruit on finish with lowish acidity. 15/20 

Gaube Sauvignon Blanc 2019 12% Exotic aromas with spearmint high tones and fejoa, pineapple tropical fruit baseline aromas. A full bodied with sweetly ripe tropical flavors, nicely counterpointed by tart acidity. After airing textures become quite silky and viscous. Very New World style with yeast driven aromatics. 16/20 

Gaube Sauvignon Blanc 2018 A lifted wine style full of exotic fejoa, guava tropical fruits and spicy herbal aromas and flavors. Sitting at the New Zealand end of the Slovenian spectrum. Densely fruited with a plush, fullish bodied, continuous texture and great flavor length. 17/20 

Gaube Emanuel Sauvignon Blanc 2017 13.5%  An unusual style from ultra-ripe grapes harvested three weeks later and then kept in contact with skins for two years while in 500 litre barrels. Smelling of dried stems of herbs, thyme, coriander. Smooth on entry to the mouth, textures become quite visceral with skin tannins cutting through alongside acids.  Structure is multi-layered and interesting. Persistent.  17/20

Gaube Pinot Gris 2019 12% Leads with very edgy, pure aromatics: a mix of spicy fresh pear and marshmallow vanilla notes. A very refreshing Pinot Gris style that’s juicy, fruity and light bodied with good length of flavor. 16.5/20

Gaube Pinot Gris 2018 12% A lovely PG with spicy ginger and pear aromas. Full bodied and concentrated with a touch of spearmint lift on the finish. Lovely acidity and juiciness to this wine. 17.20 

Gaube Chardonnay 2019 13% Gaube make very pure unoaked Chardonnay, full of fresh, spicy, granny smith/green apple aromas and flavors. fruit aromas. Equally fresh and lively in mouth with crisp fine acidity driving forward motion finish. 15.5/20

Gaube Muscat 2019 12% This region has a capacity for delicately styled dry Muscat. Gaube’s is full of lovely spicy orange zest aromas and juicy flavors. Bright, crisp and lively in mouth, all this ends with a bone dry finish.  15.5/20 

Gaube Muscat 2018 12% Opens with bright spicy Muscat aromas, carries on through a light texture balanced by a refreshingly zingy acidity and dry finish. Used locally as an aperitif or with Asian food or green soups.15.5/16

Gaube Pinot Noir Rose 2019 This is a gutsier, full bodied rose style with grassy edged red fruit aromas and grippy tannins. 15.5/16

Gaube Pinot Noir 2017 A very pretty, transparent Pinot Noir style with quite pure red fruit aromas. Nicely rounded mouthfeel tapering out to a light, finely tannined finish. Not hugely complex or persistent, but an honest statement of Pinot fruit. 16.5/20