Brič Estate Wines

Bric Method 12.5% This methode traditional sparkling wine is a blend of Pinot Gris, Malvasia, and Refosco that spent 12 months on lees. A fruity, frothy sparkling style with a big bubbled mousse. 15/20

Bric Malvasi 2019 12% Opens with spicy floral aromas and flavors carried on through a fleshy, slick texture with fine acidity and very pure varietal flavors. 15.5/20

Bric Malvasi Maceration 2018 14% A tip in direction of an orange wine taking on a dark yellow color from 12 day skin contact. Quite a visceral wine you can roll around your tongue. Opens with spicy, cinnamon, apple skin, stonefruit pit aromas. Full bodied with relatively soft texture and peach/apricot flavors. Interestingly structured with fine skin tannins and balancing acidity. 16.5/20

Bric Chardonnay Maceration 2018 12.8% Wears an amber yellow color from 12 day skin contact. Offers up apple cider aromas initially. Fuller bodied than the Malvasia above, with juicier fruits and lower acidity. Less fine than the Malvasia. 15.5/20

Bric Sivi Pinot (Gris) Maceration 2018 14% Dark amber from 12 day skin contact. Dried pear, dried  peach aromas, full broad in the mouth, with fine, firm skin tannins, nice, juicy, stonefruit acidity in support. 15.5/20

Bric Refosco 2019 13.5% This wine has had no sulphur added and is fresher and fruitier for it. Leads with complex spicy, brambly, black fruit aromas. Slightly spritzy on entry into mouth, full of lively fruit, juicy, fresh and tannic. A very pure wine: all about the fruit and only the fruit. 16/20

Bric Refosco 2016 13% Matured in 2,500 ltr Slovenian ovals. A very interesting red wine showing a lively mix of savory, mineral infused, red and black fruit aromas and flavors, tinged with a pleasing Cabernet Franc-like leafiness. Deeply concentrated fruit in the mouth with a well-rounded, continuous texture and great length. Has a great mix of fruit depth and acid lift at the same time. Light, frisky, juicy, what’s not to like about this wine. 18/20   

Bric Refosco 2017 13.5% Matured in 2,500 ltr Slovenian ovals. Find cedar, black fruit aromas and flavors delivered in a slick, continuous texture driven by firm, but fine tannins. Beautifully balanced with good length carried along by high acidity. A really well made, varietally pure, fruit driven classical style that needs a big fat steak to put all that structure to good use.  17.5/20

Bric Refosco 2018 14.8% Matured in 2,500 ltr Slovenian ovals. Surprisingly fresh and lively considering the high alcohol levels. Full of black berry aromas and flavors. Textures are slick and infused with alcoholic glycerine, but evened out through a long, fine finish. Wine wears its alcohol well with balancing acid-tannin structure. Crowd pleasing alcohol meets joyful fruitiness. 17/20

Bric Cabernet Sauvignon 2019 13.5% Deep Black Colors. Full of currant aromas and flavors. Beautifully ripe without being overripe. Fresh, clean, pure Cab flavors and full-on, firm, typical Cab lip tannins. Needs more time, but terrific potential. 16/20

Bric Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 14.5% Stainless steel made then barrique matured. Opens with big leafy, spirity Cabernet black currant aromas. Fresh and full bodied in the mouth with cassis flavors ending in a big juicy finish. Good length. 15.5/20

Bric Cabernet Sauvignon 2011 14% Classic tobacco leaf and black currant aromas. Highly concentrated and continuous, with super tannin and acidity balance. Should age beautifully. Just coming into its own. 18.5/20