Dveri Pax Estate Wines

Dveri Pax Furmint Brut 2015 12.5% This ‘vintaged’ method traditional sparkling wine is made from local favorite Furmint grapes and kept for 18 months on lees. Both subtly spicy and delicately fruited, its quite well poised in the mouth with a crisp finish and very fine mousse. 16.5/20 

Dveri Pax Brut A more traditional blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. This sparkling wine offers up complex toast-like, autolytic characters, is very finely beaded with an equally fine mousse that delivers a long, bone dry finish. 17/20 

Dveri Pax Sipon (Furmint) 2018 11.5 % More aromatic, fruity and spicy than 2016. Also fuller and fleshier in the mouth, but with super refreshing acidity to balance and good length of flavor. 16.5/17   

Dveri Pax Sipon (Furmint)  2016 12.5% This wine is bone dry at 1-2grams residual sugar and yet deceptively sweetly fruited. Succulent, ripe and juicy throughout. 15.5/20

Dveri Pax Sipon (Furmint) 2012 13% From a single vineyard, fermented and aged in 500 litre oak and acacia barrels. Shows more oak influence than 2011, toastier with broadly floral with aloe vera, flor, green flower stem and baked apple aromas and flavors. It’s also deeper, more rounded, viscous and slicker in the mouth. Oak tannins add a fine edge to structure, marrying with acidity to create an ultra-long tapered finish. If you like oak styled wine this one’s for you. 17.5/20 

Dveri Pax Sipon (Furmint) 2011 13.0% This single vineyard wine, from a very steep slope, was fermented in 3,500 litre neutral oak barrels.  A lovely, poised wine with nicely maturing secondary phase, apple fruits characters.  Fruity, creamy and still quite fresh in the mouth with a long, finely viscous finish. Elegant, refined and pure. 18/20

Dveri Pax Riesling 2016 13.0% Grapes for this were harvested at 1 kg per vine. Leads with subtle, slightly spicy aromas, in the mouth it is dense and concentrated, finishing dry with succulent satsuma and juicy lime flavors. 16.5/20  dry

Dveri Pax Riesling 2018 13.0% Spicy, fresh aromatics full of floral, honeysuckle characters.  fine clean, With a slick condensed texture it finishes as dry and long, as it is fine and clean.  17/20  

Dveri Pax Riesling Old vine 2015 14.0% From a 40 year old, extremely sloped vineyard near Maribor. Slightly wet wool, unclean aromas and unclear varietal characters indicated this was not as well focused as the wines above. 14/20

Dveri Pax Riesling Old vine 2017 14.0 % From a 40 year old, extremely sloped vineyard near Maribor. Reduced sulphide characters marred aromas. Similarly the wine proved overly tight and unwilling to show its best. Perhaps with a bit more time it would have opened into something as promising as above 2016/18s. 14.5/20

Dveri Pax Sauvignon Blanc 2018 12.5% Grapes come from Jeruzalem region. Initially offering up subtle spearmint, fruity aromas, grassier, more herbal notes developed with airing. Nice fleshy textures are cut with fine, firm, tart acidity. Nice wine. 16/20 

Dveri Pax Sauvignon Blanc V 2017 14.5 % Sourced from a local vineyard and fermented/aged in 3,500 litres barrels on lees for 18 months. This wine is fuller and rounder than 2018 with smokier, flintier, more savory aromas. Full bodied with textures laden with alcoholic viscosity, it also had a degree of lees driven creaminess. Flavors are on the minerally side of ripe gooseberry fruit carried through a long, clean finish with relatively low acidity. Interesting wine from a what seems a hot vintage in a cool region. 17/20    

Dveri Pax Sauvignon V 2011 14.0 % Sourced from a local vineyard and fermented/aged in 3,500 litres barrels on lees for 18 months. Showing matured savory Sauvignon aromas with milkier, toastier notes. Silky, slick texture tapers out into a long fine finish. 16.5/20 

Dveri Pax Pinot Noir 2012 13.0 % Shows nicely transparent Pinot colors. Typical Pinot red fruit aromas are a little too dominated -- to my taste -- by toasted oak characters.  tannins from oak. Similarly I’d like to feel and taste fruit more than oak tannins. One senses new barrels were overpowering that vintages fruit. Would love to taste more recent PN developments. This example is aiming in the right direction but not quite there. 15/20

Dveri Pax Blaufrankisch 2011 dry, 14,0 % untasted