Puklavec Wines

Jeruzalem Ormoz Sparkling Sauvignon Traditional Method 11.5% Quite an exotic bouquet to this wine. It smells of Sauvignon with boxwood, nettles, coriander, spicy Granny Smith green apple and gooseberry aromas with similar flavors. A full bodied, semi-sweet style of sparkling wine with great acid to fruit sweetness balance. Nice length with juicy fruitiness on finish. Should be a great summer sparkler 18/20  

Jeruzalem Ormoz Sauvignon 2019 11.5% A lovely poised Sauvignon style: subtle aromas and flavors, clean, fresh and easy to drink, with gentle acidity. Good varietal characters. 15.5/20

Jeruzalem Ormoz 2 Sauvignon (Seven Numbers brand) 2018 12% A single vineyard from one of highest (340-390m), windiest sites, delivering riper fruit at top, fresher at bottom. Opens with subtle herbal/green fruit and green olive savoriness. Condensed fruit in the mouth, delivering ripe, complex, juicy flavors (lime/gooseberry) with a gentle balancing acidity. Quite a refined style mixing ripe plus green flavors, nicely balanced structure and lots of complexity. 17/20

Jeruzalem Ormoz 2 Sauvignon (Seven Numbers brand) 2019 Unfinished Tank Sample.  2019 is considered a better vintage than 2018: smaller quantity, higher quality. Spicy, spearmint aromas. Lovely plush texture, full of juicy gooseberry flavors driven by a racy, lime-like acidity. 

Jeruzalem Ormoz Sauvignon 1983 This Special Archive, THIRTY-SEVEN year old Sauvignon shines in the glass with a wonderfully bright, reflective yellow-gold color! Initially offers up sweet pea/peach fruitiness on nose and in mouth. Rounded and plushly textured, the palate is laden with interesting fruit complexity that is beautifully integrated with finely balanced, pitch perfect acidity. A superb wine that, with further airing, becomes fruitier and develops a subtle dried herb, grassiness with fresh straw high tones. A great example of how Sauvignon can evolve if made well and carefully cellared. 18.5/20

Jeruzalem Ormoz Chardonnay 2019 13% Spicy fresh pear and apple aromas and flavors. Medium bodied and sweetly fruited with balanced acidity. 15/20

Jeruzalem Ormoz 3 Pinot Gris (Seven Numbers) 2018 14% 48 hours c old maceration. 6.5gms Wine has a lovely orange/blush color. A two day cold maceration has created intriguing strawberry, pear and apple skin-derived aromas and flavors. Fleshy texture is nicely balanced by fine, skin tannins and carefully considered acidity. 17/20 

Jeruzalem Ormoz Pinot Noir 2017 13% A riper style of Pinot filled with spicy, red fruit characters. Full bodied and fleshy textures with firm tannins and tons of juicy red fruit flavors. A bargain priced wine with recognizable Pinot Noir characters that could easily be mistaken for a Californian wine for a lot more money. 16/20