Zlati Grič  Wines

Zlati Gric Penina Brut This method traditional offers up lovely floral aromas, a fine, crisp mousse with nice mouth feel and weight.    Made from Pinot Blanc it rests for three years on its lees and avoids malolactic fermentation to preserve edgy acidity. 15.5/20

Zlati Gric 2001 Brut Made from Pinot Blanc, now after almost 20 years this very fine example of sparkling wine from the region. Fully mature with a mix of mineral and toasted bread aromas, followed on through a tight linear texture, with crisply highish acidity a very finely frothed mousse through the finish. 17/20

Zlati Gric Rose 2019 Made from free run Blaufranchish juice with a lovely pink color to it. Enticingly fruity with faint hints of fresh strawberries. Lively and fresh in the mouth with a slick continuous texture. Finishes with perfectly balanced acidity. 15.5/20

Zlati Gric Sauvignon Blanc 2018 11.5% A dry wine blending grapes from Five vineyards, picked over four different vineyard runs, from green to super ripe, resulting in a broad spectrum of fruit characters to back blend. 40% was fermented from natural yeast and 5% fermented and aged 2,000 litre barrels. Fine pure subtle cool climate aromas, from 4 vintage picks green to super ripe. Boxwood, Lovely easy mouthful. Light refreshing lively in the mouth. Fine tapered finish. So clean and pure. Amazing value at 6eu! 17/20

Zlati Gric Pinot Gris 2018 12.5% Macerated on skins for 12 hours. Very pure Pinot Gris aromas of fresh pear and quite subtle vanilla notes, like sniffing fresh marshmallows (marshmallow-like in a positive way). Delicately fruited carried in a fine clean texture with great acidity. PG that is delicate, without being anaemic that some Pinot Grigio tends toward nor heavy as Alsatian styles. 17/20 

Zlati Gric Pinot Noir 2016 13.5% Matured in 2nd year barriques, this is from a small production, only 1 hectare and 2.5k bottles. Tarry red fruit aromas, silky textures, lowish acidity and a touch of tannic bitterness to finish. 15/20

Zlati Gric Renski Riesling 2016 Proper Rhine Riesling made in big wooden barrels for a year, oxidative, nat yeast. Bone dry. Restrained R aromas, very pure and finely textured. Xxxx+ condensed, pure, relentlessly reduced implosive wine.

Zlati Gric Traminer 2018 12.5% This is technically sweet Gewurztraminer with 18 grams of residual sugar, but in fact is perceptibly much drier than that with its marvelous acid balance. Leads with pronounced, pure lychee fruit aromas, these flavors carry on through fine texture, cut through with a slash of acidity. It’s spotlessly clean and crisp on the finish.  They also make a more traditional style with 9gms rs, with lower 12% and natural yeast at higher fermentation temperatures. A more oxidative, like what people in the region drank for the last 30 years or so. Tourists try it and buy more modern styles. But it's noble of him to preserve the local traditional styles until we invasive tourists catch on to ‘less trend driven’ styles that have stood the test of time.