Klet Krško 

Klet KrškoRegion: POSAVJE -KRŠKO
Address: Rostoharjeva ul. 88, 8270 Krško, SloveniaPhone: +386 7 48 82 500Website: https://www.klet-krsko.si/enContact and winemaker: Jure GRUBAR 040/567-566, info@kz-krsko.si, jure.grubar@kz-krsko.siOwner/s: Kmecka zadruga Krsko z.o.o. (Cooperative Krsko, comprising 250 member/owners)Number of hectares: Coop owns 8 ha vineyards, plus buys grapes 160 haGrapes grown: Kdraljevina, Modra Frankinja, Blaufrankisch, Pinot Gris & Blanc,Sylvaner, Sauvignon

Klet Krsko is a 90 year old cooperative with 250 member-owners. It draws grapes from eight hectares of collectively owned vineyards plus another 160 hectares of small plots owned by individual members. Additional fruit comes from the local monastery’s old vineyards as well. 

The winery is currently upgrading winemaking and tasting facilities with its major asset sitting below: cool, damp, dark caves offering perfect cellaring conditions. An even bigger asset is the large number of 2-5,000 litre old Slavonian oak barrels for optimum maturation. Directly opposite is an ancient ruined monastery which the state has promised to restore in future, no doubt increasing tourist draw to the winery when that happens. The fact there is an old monastery so close by suggests the surrounding hills have been in vines for a millennium.

Although 80% of their production is in high volume Cvicek, this figure is going down rapidly. An inexpensive, traditional ‘people’s wine’ for everyday consumption, Cvicek was made to drink during the day or with sparkling water. By law it must have a touch of sweetness (at least 6 grams per litre). In former times it was sweeter at 10 grams, with even lower alcohol at 6%.

The coop has a long running, well earned, stellar reputation for consistently producing late harvested dessert wines from Sauvignon Blanc. Many of these are on par with the residual sugar levels (150-300 grams per litre) found in top German Trockenbeerenauslese (TBA) or Tokaji Eszencia

Winemaker Jure Grubar tipped the best white wine vintages in the region as 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015… and 2016, 2011 as outstanding for reds. 

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Krsko vineyard


Krsko Barrel room

Old barrel room

Krsko wine-makerJure Grubar

Wine-maker Jure Grubar