Zorah's Yeraz Old Vineyard

My favorite vineyard…

sits high above Areni Cave within the foothills of an unnamed mountain in Armenia.

Old vines clambering wild over old rocks

The cave below opens up like a large vagina, having given birth to a wine culture more than 6,000 years ago.

Ancient cleft mountains with a deep cave opening

Named Yeraz, the vineyard – still wild and uncontained – has snaked its way into nooks and crannies over centuries seeking a best place to live.

Through the course of capturing its own space, vines have split boulders in search of sun and sustenance.

big old rounded rock embraced by ancient vines
Rocks broken open by old vines

Uniquely, Yeraz shares its DNA with the grape seeds found buried inside Areni’s ancient pots below.

Round-mouthed pits inside ancient caves

Areni - world's oldest winery

ancient submerged pots and pot holes in ancient cave

Ancient pots of Areni

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