Quinta da Falorca

Quinta da Falorca(company name, Quinta Vale Das Escadihnaas– Sociedade Agrícola de Silgueiros, S.A.)Quinta da Falorca & T-nac WinesRua do Barro, 3500 Viseu, PortugalPhone: +351934824710E-mail:  qve@qve.pthttp://www.qve.pt/

This quinta is a great bastion of traditional Dao style. Falorca’s current releases are 4-5 years old, purposefully held off the market until they are beginning to drink at their best.

Their vineyards average 40+ year old vines, with some vineyards as old as 70 years. These contain more than 30 different Touriga clones and this important genetic stock is carefully preserved by grafting cuttings from existing old vines on to new roots.

Although a few more recent vintages have crept up into higher levels of alcohol, looking back over the last decade, Falorca’s vineyards are still consistently able to produce ripe tannins and sugar levels in Touriga Nacional at 13-13.5% alcohol.

Falorca consistently produce very likeable wines, tipping in the direction of just enough of modern technique, while always managing to err on side of tradition. I’ve had the honor of tasting 1960s era Falorca reds that are still holding up well and all the newer wines maintain a recognizable connection back to these.

It is remarkable that so many of the wines below are still in great drinking shape and even relatively modest entry level wines can easily age more than a decade.

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