Epoque Sauvignon Gris 2016

wine bottle label: Epoque Tradition Sauvignon Gris, Sud Ouest, France

Époque ‘Tradition’ Sauvignon Gris 2016, Couleurs d’Aquitaine, Bergerac, France

Grown in Bergerac’s cooler conditions, under the influence of both the Atlantic and Pyrenees in SW France.  Sauvignon Gris is to Sauvignon Blanc, what Pinot Gris is to Pinot Blanc – fuller, richer, fruitier. This wine’s full bodied texture is its ace in the hole. Unctuous and oily, in a pleasing way, with a touch of acidity to keep it all coursing through a long finish. At peak drinking maturity now, it offers up an exotic mix of ripe mango/guava and fresh asparagus/pea sprout characters. I’ve judged ten Mondial Sauvignon Blanc wine competitions and this is the first time I’ve seen one of their medal winners off a shop shelf. I went back and bought 3 more, all great bottles. Awarded gold in 2017, it’s still singing a great song, although its voice has changed over time, a bit rounder, more restrained and thought provoking. Nicely shaped and shaded by the test of time. 18-18.5/20 tasted 3.21